The Everyday Experience

November 11 – December 13

The Everyday Experience is a group show with architects, designers, artists and filmmakers. The exhibition reveals how much of our experience of designed and informal space is unconscious, immersed in the everyday, but yet it has a significant effect on us individually and as a society.

The exhibition contains work by Milton & Martin, Dominic Stevens, Culturstruction & Renate Henschke, Kevin O’Brien, Urban Agency in collaboration with Gregory Dunn, Ciarán O’Gaora, John Gerrard in collaboration with A2 Architects, and Gall (Tom dePaor and Peter Maybury).

The Everyday Experience, originally created to coincide with the Eileen Gray exhibition at IMMA in 2013, was curated by Nathalie Weadick, director of the IAF. The exhibition was to reveal and bring into frame contemporary conversations within Spatial Practice.

Spatial Practice is a conversation that is active within art and architecture, research and curation, and sits in a comfortable but very precarious space, namely the grey area in-between both subjects. It is concerned with understanding the social practices, institutional forces, and material complexity of how humans and spaces interact.