Sam Lee’s “Other Voices” (Ire/UK)

Sunday 17th July, 1.00pm

Mercury Prize nominated Folk singer, song collector, promoter (of BBC award winning Nest Collective) radio host, TV personality, teacher and animateur, Sam Lee has journeyed across Ireland in search of some of the last tradition bearers of old song amongst the Irish Traveller Community. Sam’s two critically acclaimed albums featuring music he has collected first hand from the Gypsy Traveller Community bring ancient songs to life for the 21st Century.

: Due to health reasons the guest singers invited to participate in this concert will be unable to attend this performance. Sam will still be singing and telling the stories of his travels with the Irish Traveler community and shall supplement this performance with some of the films made of the Tradition Bearers he has recorded on field trips made in the last few years.

“Its been a long time coming but here at last is somebody doing really creative things with traditional English Folk Song” Verity Sharp, BBC Radio 3 Late Junction.