Rockwell Kent – A Retrospective

November 1 – December 3

Once considered a perennial favourite in the halls of New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh and San Francisco, Rockwell Kent by choice and by chance has virtually vanished from the museum and gallery circuit. Few artists become legends in their own time and yet Rockwell Kent (1882 – 1971) was one of those people who truly lived more lives than one. Born into privilege in Tarrytown Heights, New York, he lived in Maine, Newfoundland, Alaska, Greenland and Donegal. He has long been seen as one of the great mavericks of American Art and the controversy of his life largely obscures a remarkably fine painter who added substantially to the exploration of landscape painting, furthering the traditions established by Winslow Homer. In a bid to free Rockwell Kent from the restraints of the Cold War mentality, RCC curated an exhibition focusing on Kent’s work in Donegal and his place in the wider arts canon. In association with the Plattsburgh Museum, New York: The Pushkin Museum, Moscow and The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg.


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