Friday May 16

A poignant and humorous account based on a true story of an adopted person’s search for identity.

‘From a very early age I was told I was adopted. In fairness I think my parents had no choice but to tell me, what with me being redheaded with pale skin in a family with dark skin and dark hair – this made it pretty obvious that something wasn’t right. While I loved being able to say I was adopted when I was a child (it made me feel exotic), I also learned that it was a word that was used by adults with a dropped voice. ‘Bad blood will out’ was a phrase that was often thrown around in conversation in relation to adopted children in 70’s Ireland.’

“A moving story stoically enacted by Brown and Bríd Ní Neachtain, who beautifully brings to life the letters that form the linchpin of Browne’s journey…..powerful piece of work. **** The Irish Times

“A gentle, sad, funny delight”. Sunday Independent

Written by Noelle Brown and Michéle Forbes

Performed by Noelle Brown and Bríd Ní Neachtain

Directed by Conor Hanratty

Produced by Tom Dowling

Friday 16th May, 3pm

(58 Mins)
Bigger Picture Projects and NB Theatre