Portrait Of 21st Century Pop Icons – Sir Peter Blake

July 9 – September 26

Peter Blake is one of the world’s most famous and respected Pop artists. He came to popular attention in 1962 with the Ken Russell film ‘Pop goes the Easel’ and is best know for his collages and long list of album covers for The Kinks, The Who, Oasis, Paul Weller and most famously for the Beatles ‘Sergeant Pepper’ album. Blake anticipated the work of the American pop artists by a number of years and is regarded by many as the originator of that genre. As a young artist, he had one foot in American pop culture and the other in Swinging London. In 1997, Blake entered what he called his late period saying “It’s a time when an artist can do almost anything they want. It doesn’t have to relate to the earlier work if you don’t want it to and it’s a wonderful feeling of freedom”. Curated by Adrian Kelly (OPW), John Cunningham (RCC) and Derek O’Connor (Darklight Film Festival) in association with the British Council, London.

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