The Musical Menagerie

Thursday July 18

Your Mans Puppets presents
The Musical Menagerie

The Musical Menagerie combines the musical imagination of Boris Hunka, (multi- instrumentalist, improviser and composer) with the skills of renowned puppeteer and actor Thomas Baker. The result is a magical blend of entertainment, education and escapism.
This magical musical is the story of two zoo- keepers reminiscing about their first days in the job. A tall tail tale is told about a gibbon that lost his tail, while meeting a host of exotic animals from far and wide, including Sheridan the Sloth, Imelda the rhino hornbill, Kevin the snake and Gilbert – the gibbon who’s lost his groove.
The animals combine breath-taking realism with elements of fantasy that have become the trademark of Your Man’s Puppets to deliver an imaginative performance and a great shared family experience.
50 minutes · 5+ years

Thursday 18th July, 12 noon & 3pm ·


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