Modernism, Activism, Bauhaus – Constructive Tendencies in Hungary 1910–1930

June 4 – September 26

The years between 1910 and 1930, were a period of great accomplishment for Hungarian art. In post-Habsburg Hungary, modernist artists were involved in the creation of a brave new world, were everything was up for grabs. Society was being redefined and with that, the place of the arts within it. This exhibition brought together the leading artists of the Hungarian avant-garde, including Moholy-Nagy, Sándor Bortnyik, Róbert Berény, Lajos Kassák and Béla Uitz. ‘Constructive Tendencies in Hungary’ was an exhibition infused with discovery, energy and hope. In association with the Janus Pannonius Museum, Hungary, and Institut Hongrois de Paris.



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