Lovely Weather

September 2 – October 29

Lovely Weather was a major three year collaboration with Leonardo / OLATS: Arts & Science Foundation and examined artistic approaches to weather, climate and their modifications. Western societies have progressively dissolved their ancestral link to climate, a link that was critical: it was ultimately, the question for food. This is largely a result of massive urbanisation and the development of the modern lifestyle. It has been possible to observe a deterioration of sensitivity to meteorology and climate over the years. Art was seen as a possible option in helping us to question our perceptions and relationships to weather, climate. It was hoped it could also help us to experience and reveal our inner participation with weather and climate, the rupture of their balance and its meaning for our inner world similar to the way landscape artists reframe the relationship of humans to their environment. Lovely Weather: Art & Climate was published by MIT Press in 2008. The Editorial Group on Art & Climate includes: John Cunningham, Annick Bureaud, Ramon Guardans, Drew Hemment, Julien Knebusch, Roger Malina, Jacques Mandelbrojt, Andrea Polli and Janine Randerson.


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