#LockdownRathmullan Film Project

Thursday May 7, 2020
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As we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, how have you all been coping with the Lockdown?

We’re thrilled to partner with Rathmullan Film Festival for #LockdownRathmullan – a film project that will capture how the community in Rathmullan Donegal experienced this difficult, but historically important, period and leave our story for future generations.


Films will be showcased in Rathmullan at a special event (when it is safe again).


Here’s what Rathmullan Film Festival said:


Make a short film (up to 2mins) using your phone, tablet or whatever is easiest, and submit it to our email rathmullanfilmfest@gmail.com using wetransfer.com

The plan is to create an archive, showcase videos here on Facebook and hold an event when it is safe to do so.

We’d love to see EVERYONE in our village, young and senior, making films! We all have a story to tell!


▪️Film length: Min 15sec and max. 2mins
▪️Be sure to adhere to social distancing rules while filming
▪️DO NOT film other people without their consent (they have to agree to being filmed AND to film being used)
▪️Submissions via wetransfer to our email only. DO NOT share files directly on our Facebook. Please include your name and contact details in the message box.
▪️By submitting your video to us, you’re confirming that all rules were followed and consent is given to the Festival and RCC for the film to be used and archived.
▪️First deadline: 10 May


????Films can be about anything, here are some ideas:
▪️ How you and/or your family have coped with the lockdown
▪️What’s changed in your house or in the landscape
▪️How you are communicating with your loved ones
▪️Before and After photographs of our village
▪️Dancing videos
▪️Recipe videos
▪️Hidden Treasures discovered after cleaning the attic
▪️Vox pop videos with family or friends
▪️Stop-motion or Pixilation animation
▪️You can even create a whole new story from scratch in your favourite movie genre