Lived Lost Lives Exhibition

November 6 – November 20

The Lived Lives art and research project was initiated in 2006 by Donegal born artist and researcher Dr. Seamus McGuinness and psychiatrist and clinical researcher Professor Kevin M. Malone, University College Dublin, author of the recently published Suicide In Ireland Report ( Seamus and Kevin interviewed 104 families from 23 Irish counties, who responded to invitations via local newspaper advertisements to take part in the Suicide in Ireland Survey / Lived Lives Project. Following informed conversational interviews, belongings and stories associated with the suicide-deceased were donated by over 46 of the families to the artist. From these donations of objects, images, writing and stories, Mc Guinness made a series of artworks-in-progress, which were initially presented back to the families for private feedback and their approval to display these works in the public domain.


The process was informed by conversations mainly held around the bereaved families’ kitchen tables and subsequent family engagements with the Lived Lives works-in-progress, in various locations around the country. As such, the families became co-creators and co-curators of the works. Lived Lives placed this specific community of people – connected through the collective experience of loss of a loved one by suicide – within an art process, collaboratively contributing new lay knowledge, making decisions and working through questions with the artist and scientist since the project’s conception. Emerging from the Lived Lives project, with the families’ informed permission, active involvement, and heartfelt encouragement, the next stage Lived Lost Lives is now being made public, transposing private experiences of suicide into the wider public domain.


The Lived Lost Lives exhibition in Letterkenny will comprise of a number of Lived Lives Archive Rooms containing objects and images associated with the suicide-deceased and film documentation on other archive rooms. It will also feature 21g, and the Lost Portrait Gallery, which are installations by Seamus McGuinness. A number of short research films documenting the human engagement and process of the project is also included.



The exhibition is open to the public from Wednesday November 6th to Saturday November 30th. It is open Wednesday to Saturday 11am to 5pm (closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) and admission is free of charge. The Lived Lost Lives artist Dr. Seamus McGuinness will in attendance at all time during the exhibition run.


Regional Cultural Centre Letterkenny, November 6th to 30th 2013

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