Little John Nee – A Bag Of Queens

A musical odyssey that races along with Little John’s trademark comic storytelling style, it explores themes of ‘random acts of kindness’, responsibility, loneliness, greed and creative expression, in a gentle and fun way.

A favour for a friend leads Sparkplug to an old grocery and hardware shop at a country crossroads. Inside he discovers a lost treasure of consumer items that now assume a very different meaning and value. When he visits the elderly shopkeeper in a retirement home he is cast off in an adventure to a city that’s tearing itself apart for want of more ‘stuff.

The show is about human relationships and it gives children an appreciation and connection with the lives of older people as well as offering a view of being ” a fish out of water” and what it is like to be “different” in a new community.


Tuesday October 15th, Wednesday October 16th

10am & 12 Noon

Suitable for 2nd to 6th Class.


Capacity: 140

Duration: 70 minutes






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