The CREATIVE DONEGAL event is Local Enterprise Office run, and will be supported and attended by representatives of the Donegal County Council, agencies and stakeholders vested in Creative Entrepreneurship, and will feature a host of official speakers. There will also be a showcase exhibiting a cross-section of works from all strands of Creative Activity and Arts in Donegal, across all strata of Creative and Artistic Activity here, ranging from Textiles, Crafts, Sculpture, right through to Illustration, Photography, Publishing, Broadcast, Graphic Design, Animation and Motion Graphics.

The two-hour event will culminate in the launch and distribution of the “Creative Donegal White Paper” : A research report carried out through the help of Agency Representatives, The Local Enterprise Office, Creative Practitioners, and stakeholders in the Creative economy here, which will give early details, findings, and proposed initiatives for how the Creative Industries and Creative Economy in Donegal can develop going forward, adopting the successful model utilised by The Food Coast Initiative. We would be delighted if any businesses or individuals vested and active in the Creative Industries in Donegal to attend.

The Event will be Held in The Regional Cultural Centre. Monday 18th May. Commencing at 12 Noon, until 2pm.