Jezebel – The Rough Magic Theatre Company

Wednesday February 19

“Dating is always worth a shot.  If they like you great.  If not, well, it’s been a learning experience.  Apart from that one guy who wanted to get a guide dog so he could text while he was walking.  I learned nothing from that encounter.”A clever comedy about the dumb consequences of hot sex meeting cold statistics.Alan and Robin are a go-getting couple who want to spice up their sex life. Jezebel is a woe-fretting singleton who’s looking to get one.  Could a threesome be the answer to all their problems?Follow this unlikely trio on a fast-paced adventure of misunderstandings and unexpected complications.  Jezebel is a light-hearted lesson in what not to do when your sex life needs saving.

“One of the most enjoyable night’s theatre I’ve had all year … not in recent memory has there been so perfect a comedy on the Irish stage” *****
**** The Irish Times