International Fund For Ireland Sharing Stories Exhibition

1 December – 28 January 2012

This exhibition featured some of the digital work produced by the International Fund for Ireland as part of the Sharing Stories programme. 

Sharing Stories was a cross-border community film project in County Donegal and Derry City, led by the Regional Cultural Centre Letterkenny in partnership with the Nerve Centre, Derry. The project’s aim was to utilise digital media to contribute to positive relationship building and to develop greater understanding and reconciliation between the two main communities (and new migrant communities) in County Donegal and Derry City.Funding for the Sharing Stories project was largely provided by the International Fund for Ireland under its Building Bridges, community-based Economic and Social Regeneration Programme. 
Over 200 people from diverse backgrounds across Donegal and Derry City participated in a range of activities including community relations workshops, digital media training workshops, short film production and development of the Sharing Stories website together with the launch of this major exhibition.

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