January 8 – February 20

The second leg of an Irish American group exhibition that was first held in the Redline Gallery in Denver in 2012. Curated by American based Irish artist Rian Kerrane, the exhibition features seven artists from Ireland and seven from Denver. Each artist was invited to produce work in response to ideas of belonging, visiting, mixing, mating and amalgam for the Denver show. The original fourteen artists will come full circle and generate new works for Hybrid in Letterkenny. Artists based in the US will travel to Ireland and allow their work to be influenced through local experience and residencies. The Irish artists are James L Hayes, Elizabeth Kinsella, Mark Joyce, Sarah Lewtas, Deirdre O’ Mahony, Ian Gordon and Aisling O’Beirn. The American Artists are Lee Lee, Homare Ikeda, Eric Waldemar, Melissa Borman, Rian Kerrane, Christopher R Perez and Viviane Le Courtois.