Fireworks With Soul – Pierre-Alian Hubert

Craftsman, performance artist of the sky and a dealer of dreams, Pierre-Alain Hubert, from Marseille, France, is considered to be one of the great Pyrotechnic artists of our time. For over 35 years he has enthralled audiences the world over from Athens to Zimbabwe, with his spectacular creations. In his own words his displays are “an opera of light where fireworks play a part”, but not the only part. Trained as an architect, and famed for his ability to interact and inspire his surroundings, whether at the Palace of Versailles, Ceausescu’s Place in Bucharest, or along the Great Wall of China, his creations are never fireworks only. “Fireworks are but one possibility” music, fire and especially movement all play a full part in his displays. Hubert believes that fireworks without motion are boring – with water skiers toting flares, helicopters bursting with fireworks or 1000 cyclists choreographed as 2,000 wheels in motion to symbolise China’ bid for the Olympic games – nothing is too spectacular

Even the audience becomes part of the shows as he ignites their heart and soul with the beauty of his paintings in the sky. “Fireworks with soul” says Pierre, ”a painting will speak to you again, I only get one shot at making an impression on my audience, I deal with the instant.

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