FATHOM: Marie Barrett with Dive North

November 10th – December 11th

FATHOM is a new engaged arts project that represents an ambitious collaboration between a community of interest divers/underwater filmmakers (Dive North) and visual artist (Marie Barrett). There are more German U-boats off Malin Head than anywhere else in the world. Archival Pathé News footage tells the story of “Operation Deadlight”, the code name for the scuttling of U-boats surrendered to the allies at Lisahally Port in Derry at the end of World War II. Collaborating with divers from Inishowen based Dive North; FATHOM sets out to communicate something of the sensory experience of being underwater amongst these ghostly remnants of past conflicts. FATHOM will include imagery that relates to distinct forms of diver communications. It will also explore the experience of being underwater, a sense of confinement despite such open space, as the diver(s) move through this underwater wreckage site. The accompanying soundtrack will provide a live “score” of human and environmental sounds including the sound of the divers breathing and their footsteps as they walk on submarines resting on the seabed. The soundtrack will also draw on sounds from shipping traffic news and Morse code signals. FATHOM will trace these elements to create a multilayered film installation that will be exhibited as a multi-channel film and acoustic installation at the Regional Cultural Centre curated by Eilis Lavelle.