Founded in 2007 by saxophonist and composer Nick Roth, Yurodny perform contemporary interpretations of traditional music from around the world, and work in collaboration with other performers and composers who similarly embrace the re-imagining of tradition with vitality. The Yurodny Ensemble have performed all over the world and received numerous awards and prizes, including the EU Presidency Award 2013 from Culture Ireland as part of an international programme celebrating Ireland’s tenure of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, which included headlining performances at the Songlines Encounters Festival at Kings Place, London and a Scandinavian tour for the groundbreaking SciLens programme. 2016 saw performances at the Paris International Beckett Festival, the world premiere of ‘Sailing to Byzantium’ by renowned Turkish composer Onur Turkmen at the Ankara International Festival and second performance in Istanbul, and the release of the critically acclaimed ‘Haivka’, Yurodny’s third release on Diatribe Records, with collaborations from leading Ukrainian electroacoustic composer Alla Zagaykevych and a choral ensemble from the Carpathian mountains. Other highlights included a riotous outing on the Main Stage of the Electric Picnic Festival featuring Bulgarian accordion virtuoso Petar Ralchev, the Paris premiere of the ensemble’s Vartn af Godot programme for the Paris Beckett Festival.


“Music sans frontières…exhilarating perfection.”


“Surely of the most significant releases to come out of Ireland in decades.”


“This is huge and absolutely glorious. The spirit of a Zappa big band, but with Ukrainian traditional music in Ireland…[Haivka is] more than my thesaurus can describe. It’s wild, it’s big, it’s constantly changing…passion, loss and agony, intense, massively vivid, moving wonderfulness.”


“The music emerged triumphant, vibrant and irresistible!”


“One of the best and most adventurous world music discs I’ve heard in a long while.”