November 21 – January 25

This exhibition brings together works that engage with fragments of memory, truth and biography by filmmaker, artist and photographer:
Myrid Carten’s WEB III (2019) reassembles her film Wishbone (2019) as a multi-screen installation for its first gallery showing, traces an encounter with obsession, authenticity and memory in the lives of young women today.
Susan Mac William’s moving-image work Kathleen (2014), seen here in its first gallery showing in the North-West, unfolds layers of the existential and melancholic in the life and work of Derry-born writer Kathleen Coyle (1886-1952) using excerpts from her books, manuscripts, personal letters, unpublished poems and scribbled notes;
and early studio portraits by Derry/Donegal photographer James Glass (1847-1931) bring into view the first assembled fragments of a shared photographic memory.

Curated by Declan Sheehan.

Myrid Carten, originally from Donegal, now lives and makes films between London and Belfast. Since graduating from Goldsmiths in 2014, her films have been screened and supported across international festivals, awards and residencies.

Susan MacWilliam is based in Belfast and works with video, photography and installation, exhibiting extensively both nationally and internationally, including representing Northern Ireland at the 2009 Venice Biennale.

James Glass established a successful early photography studio in Derry in the 1870s, with his carte de visite and cabinet card portrait photographs still held in local family, private and institutional collections.

Still from Susan MacWilliam, KATHLEEN (2014)