This residency will also include two free public events/performances on Saturday 5th May at 6pm and Sunday 6th May at 2pm

As part of their whistle-stop national tour, Cork-based culinary artists The Domestic Godless (Stephen Brandes, Mick O’Shea and Irene Murphy) will be in residence at Regional Cultural Centre Letterkenny for the May Bank Holiday Weekend. You are invited to come along and visit them in-situ as they concoct a buffet of local and far-flung foods as material for irreverent experimentation. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.

The artists will be in residence at the RCC throughout the day on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th May from 11am to 5pm to present some of their incredible edible repertoire. The residency will also include two free public events/performances on Saturday at 6pm and Sunday at 2pm. The hour-long events will feature a visual, sonic and tactile tasting performance with slide show, short videos and a reading from their recent publication ‘the food, the bad & the ugly’.  A selection of tasters and tinctures, at the very edge of comprehension, will be served during the performance. The project is commissioned by Crawford Art Gallery Cork and supported by an Arts Council Touring Award.

The Domestic Godless inhabit a twilight zone between art and gastronomy. They are not chefs, they exploit food as material to irritate notions of good taste, function, and morality. Their artistic practice includes performance, installations, drawing, photography, sound, video, public presentations, writing, pseudo-theory and recipes. The work renegotiates the way food can be experienced – as object and substance – through the rituals by which it is consumed. Recent projects include: ‘Invasive Pests, Waiting for the Barbarians’, Athens Biennale (2017); ‘A Gastronomic Evening of Invasive Pests, Future Feasting’, The Science Gallery, Dublin (2016); ‘Irish Breakfast Re-Invented, Appetite for Design’,  The National Design Gallery, Kilkenny; and ‘Summer Rising’, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (2015).