Curated by The Glebe House and Gallery

The RCC asked the The Glebe House and Gallery to curate an art challenge for adults currently observing social distancing practices.
Every Tuesday The Glebe will post photographs of a still life set up using items from the Derek Hill Collection. At the end of the week they will post photos of your artworks on the The Glebe House and Gallery Facebook page.
Last week, The Glebe got the ball rolling with a still life set up using a collection of Victorian carpet bowls (pictured above).
“This was an indoor version of bowling. They’re small white ceramic balls simply decorated with lines or sponged on designs.
“There are lots of patterns, light, and shade in this composition along with some tricky reflections.
“There are circles and curves and ellipses. The background is quite brown but all the primary colours can be found in the bowls.”
This is open to everyone. So if you haven’t made art since you were a child, now’s your chance. You can use any medium you like. Please have fun with this and be adventurous and e-mail your pictures to