Steve Anderson is an American photographer born in 1949 and raised on a small family farm outside DeKalb, Illinois. Growing up immersed in the work ethic of the small farming community, he became an exceptionally prolific artist producing a wide variety of imagery.Later, living in the Pacific Northwest, Steve would periodically return to the farm for extended stays, where he devoted himself to developing his own vision. Largely informed and influenced by such painting movements as Surrealism and Pittura Metafisica, his photographs touch on themes of memory, landscape, dreams, randomness and hidden worlds.

These photographs were taken over a period of years and explore the passage of time, joy, sorrow, cycles of life: birth, growth and expansion, death. Images are enhanced at times with cut paper and flashlight, creating warmth and energy, exploring the mystery of light and life. Windows frame scenes, hold years of accumulated dust and debris, reflect other worlds. Nature provides color, shadows, contrast, natural forms.

There is no post production image manipulation or editing of images. Each photo is as seen through the artist’s eyes and viewfinder.

Steve’s photographs have been shown in exhibitions throughout the US and held in private collections. He has published two volumes of his work.