Performance duration: 1 hour
Genre: experimental folk / jazz
Tickets: €12 / €10

Music Network presents four finale performances by RESONATE artists this February and March as part of which two exciting artists make a welcome return to the RCC.

Philip Christie (O Emperor, The Bonk) and Ronan Kealy (Junior Brother) delved into the world of medieval Irish mythology as part of their participation in the RESONATE: Music Network Artist Residencies Programme.

Composer and improviser Christie with collaborator Kealy will debut the brand new work created in the RCC’s Sound Studio during that residency in their performance on Saturday, 19th February.

Waterford native Christie and Kealy, originally from Kerry, were two of six musicians appointed to this major new initiative which provided financial awards and a range of additional supports to facilitate the making of new work and creative partnerships.

The artists collaborated on an exploration of music for two voices, guitars and rhythm using stories about a mythohistorical group of people, the Fir Bolg, as their inspiration.

They developed an imagined traditional folk music, intertwining their voices to mimic the sounds of duophonic singing, a technique where one individual produces two strands of melody simultaneously.



Christie and Kealy spoke in detail about this project to the RCC in an interview last November. You can read the full interview by clicking HERE.

In addition to this live concert series, recordings of new material created during the residencies will be shared on Music Network’s and each venue’s social media channels from 4th – 9th April.

The Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny is proudly funded by Donegal County Council and Arts Council Ireland.