The Lost Moment curated by Sean O’Hagan, focuses on the short period in Northern Ireland from the early Civil Rights marches to the first killing of the Troubles in summer 1969. Using photography, film, ephemera (posters, badges, pamphlets, periodicals), and recorded interviews, the exhibition shows the often overlooked Civil Rights struggle as a time of collective hope, optimism and even innocence before the onset of the Troubles. It was a moment when Northern Ireland looked outwards towards the U.S. Civil Rights movement led by Martin Luther King Jnr. For a brief period this non-violent, non sectarian movement fractured the traditional historical narrative of Republicanism and assumed more importance in the collective psyche of Nationalist protestors than the cause of a united Ireland. Presented in partnership with Nerve Centre, Derry and Gallery of Photography Ireland. Supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Reconciliation Fund and the Heritage Lottery Fund UK.
10th July – 25th August, Free
11am – 5pm (Tuesday – Saturday, plus Sunday 15th)
Closed Saturday 4th August