November 6th – November 24th
With almost 40 years of completed work behind him, Philip’s work has been exhibited in locations across the world. The intelligent and masterful sculptures are renowned for not only being visually stunning but thoughtful and inspiring while open to an individuals own interpretation.

‘Since 2013 through this body of work I have explored and drawn parallels with the previous ‘political landscape’ of the North of Ireland where I grew up and the current situation in Palestine.
The implementation of interrogation and torture methods in the case of ‘The Hooded Men’ particularly such as ‘The Five Techniques’, deemed to be legal and not ‘torture’ by the European Commission of Human Rights, are now employed by other unscrupulous governments with no fear of prosecution.
Many atrocities have been perpetrated against the Palestinian people by the state of Israel and the murder of 4 young Palestinian boys on a beach in Gaza by the Israeli navy in 2014 made me react and has also informed this body of work. In both cases, all of these individuals were victims of State violence and subsequently, the results of both investigations have been ‘whitewashed’.
Philip McFadden, MA, Fellow of PS1