September 15 – October 30 / RCC Gallery 2 & Foyer / 

Liz Doyle is a contemporary painter and printmaker based in County Donegal. Texture and surface play a big part in Doyle’s work, where vivid colours and shapes form land masses, vessels and landscapes. Processes such as pouring and the taking of ‘prints’ by lifting areas of wet paint from one work and transferring it to another result in vibrant colours and rich surfaces.

‘Outside In’

“The idea for the title ‘Outside In’ is derived from my way of working with my emotions (with elements of expressionism) and the way I draw on the landscape that surrounds me.
Although I find it hard to categorise my work in terms of an artistic movement or genre, I consider myself primarily a process focused artist, with elements of both abstract expressionism and representational landscape sometimes being incorporated in a single piece.”