Notions Presents: Shammen Delly

Friday, 21st May, 2021, 10pm.

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Electronic/ambient artist/music producer Shammen Delly kicks off a new online series of events showcasing Donegal acts that do things ‘a little different’.

Shammen Delly is the moniker of Donegal man Aengus Friel, also known as the Northern Tape Lord, whose music and performance is heavily influenced by old video and audio tape.

This Friday, 21st May at 10pm, Shammen Delly will be the first act to feature in Notions which will shine a light on Donegal artists who push the boundaries in their artistic fields and are, simply put, doing something a little different.

The new series, supported by Arts Council Ireland, will showcase everything from electronica, alternative rock, hip-hop, jazz and everything in-between.

Hailing from deep within the hills of the county, Friel has performed and produced live events throughout the island of Ireland. He also works site specifically and collaboratively to create unique immersive experiences.

Speaking ahead of the premiere of his first live performance since March 2020, pre-recorded in the Regional Cultural Centre Letterkenny, Friel said was really nervous but excited to do something live again and to do something special for the audience.

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“For visuals I used an old VHS video I found in a charity shop and brought the TV with me. I cut up videos for visuals using local sourced footage and I was given some old handycam footage of our friends when we were teenagers around 2005/2006 by a friend of mine, Leeann Toland.

“It was lovely to get cutting that footage so I could deep fry it for visuals. This performance is a mixture of experimenting with tape loops, live electronica and improvised ambience.”

Friel used tape machines such as a reel-to-reel player and a Tascam Portastudio 424mkIII. “I cut a very long length of reel to reel tape of an old submerged recording of ‘Amazing Grace’ from God knows when, that keeps feeding and looping back influenced by William Basinski, using another portable tape recorder to turn into an analog delay to feedback the sounds.

“I also made some cassette tape loops and a tape cassette full of chords I recorded so I can play with the pitch and warble it live, with sequenced synthesiser patterns and thick dense distorted damaged infected beats and breaks to take you on a journey through the pastoral dense oneiric warbled vision from the mind of Aengus Friel.

“I’m looking forward to everybody escaping for a while to see and hear this special performance, astral projections guaranteed for all to witness!”

Shammen Delly has just re-released his self-titled debut album, originally released on Psychonavigation Records in 2013, on Bandcamp. Click HERE

The Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny is proudly funded by Donegal County Council and Arts Council Ireland.