Molly and the Shutdown

Children’s Colouring Book

Malachy Doyle and Andrew Whitson have created a new free resource story and colouring book for children, to help with the challenging circumstances we currently live in.
Molly is a young girl who lives on an island off the mainland coast with her family, friends and neighbours. The story is about how Molly and her family cope with a virus shutdown, similar to the lockdown currently faced all over the world. Molly completes jigsaws, plays her fiddle, and looks after her pets, whilst her mother helps others on the island with her father stuck far away on the mainland.

In collaboration with Irish publisher An tSnáthaid Mhór, the story will be freely released simultaneously in three languages: English, Irish and Welsh. It is a wonderful resource for home-schooling, as well as for older children looking for a way to pass the time.

Malachy Doyle, the author, says, ‘Mr. Ando and I thought you might like to see how Molly’s been getting on in the lockdown on her little island. We didn’t have time to quite finish all the pictures, so maybe you’d like to do a bit of colouring-in for us? Are you up for it?’.

The next book to be published in the Molly series is Molly and the Lighthouse, publishing
in eBook format on the 26 June 2020. Other books in the Molly series include Molly and the Stormy Sea and Molly and the Whale, published in English, Welsh and Irish.

Download the ENGLISH version here: English Download

Download the IRISH version here: Íoslódáil Gaeilge

Download the WELSH version here: Welsh