Curated by The Minecraft Gallery

Joe Fahy, RCC Virtual Artist-in-Residence

The Minecraft Gallery is an entire ecosystem of a virtual exhibition space built entirely inside the open world sandbox game, Minecraft.

The work was really to spark the question in the minds of viewers of ‘What is a gallery?’, ‘What is an exhibition?’, ‘Does the value of an object change based on what context it’s placed in?’


RCC Virtual Artist-in-Residence Joe Fahy is the inventor of The Minecraft Gallery; a virtual exhibition space launched in April 2020.

As part of his residency the RCC and the The Minecraft Gallery will co-produce two exhibitions over the month of May and Joe will continue to develop his initial concept with the idea of facilitating 3D sculpture and sound art in the future.

The gallery will not only offer visitors a chance to experience contemporary artworks in a virtual space but to also partake in a unique shared experience while conversing with other patrons at the gallery bar or eatery.

Featured Artists:
Sarah Lewtas
Diarmuid Farrell
Peter Naessens
Meadhbh McNutt
Damien McGinley
Egert Tischler
Domhnall Mccullough
Molly Garvey
Siobhan Potter
Mimi Seery
Andy Osborn
Tom Davis
Kathryn Maguire
Sean O’Donnell
Djuna O’Neill
Gavin McCrea
Joshua Dyson
Grace O’Leary
Rory Malone
Ian Gordon
Kevin Callaghan

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