Idris Ackamoor☥The Pyramids feature the bandleader on alto/tenor saxophones, percussions, keyboard, and vocals, Sandy Poindexter, violins and vocals, Skyler Stover acoustic and electric bass, vocals, and percussions, Johann Polzer (Europe), George Hearst (USA), drums, David Molina, guitar, percussions and vocals, and Victor Orlando, congas and percussions. .

THE PYRAMIDS, founded in 1972, released 2 independently produced albums including “Lalibela” (1973), and “King of Kings” (1974) and recorded their third album, “Birth / Speed / Merging” in 1976. The Pyramids played their last concert at the 1977 UC Berkeley Jazz Festival sharing the stage with vocalist Al Jarreau, and jazz legends Woody Shaw and Dexter Gordon, but announced their return in 2007 after renewed interest in the band and many requests from record labels to re-issue the early albums.


“Ackamoor’s saxophone style is all the things you love about Pharoah Sanders while also being recognizably his own. His compositions range from exotica-tinged ballads to gutsy free-jazz work-outs. The groove never lets up, and takes in hip hop, rock and, on one track, reggae.”


“Finally, another must-listen, get-your-groove-on this time courtesy of Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids. The new record from the veteran group is “An Angel Fell” and it is a masterpiece of modern day jazz, rife with addictive afro-funk as well as plenty of of-the-moment sociopolitical commentary.”


“The latest release from these reignited Seventies West Coast down- getters with an emphasis on groove, mood and funk – fans of Fela Kuti, Sun Ra and Frank Zappa’s Hot Rats take note.”


“Fallen angels, or visitors from other planets, seem to occupy a similar role on this album: the Pyramids’ sextet of extraordinarily talented jazz voyagers bridging the gap between earthy rhythms and extraterrestrial soundscapes.”


“This album is a real triumph…the rich jazz of the flamboyant multi-instrumentalist genius and his group of furious madmen. A rare pearl.”

MOJO, July 2016 – Lois Wilson

“This follow – up is nothing less than extraordinary…pure astral tripping.”


“The divine spirits of Sun Ra and Fela Kuti are intertwined with “An Angel Fell.”


“If Alice Coltrane is for your chiropractor’s office, and Sun Ra is for your dorm, then The Pyramids are for the back room of a hidden meeting of the Masons in a nondescript building down by the Greyhound station. In a genre kept alive by people who thrive on knowing the unknown, The Pyramids are deeply unknowable”.