K-X-P hail from Helsinki, Finland. They mix electronics, kraut, noise, rock and even techno into a hypnotic and minimalistic groove. Considered the perfect synthesis of disco glitterball and skull drinking, their music has been described as incredibly rhythmic, and their grooves – paranoid dark disco and motorik deep.                                                     an impressive act of sorcery” Pitchfork

Robocobra Quartet mine influences from jazz, hardcore punk and contemporary classical music, and sound like little else.
“Fugazi meets Mingus.” – Drowned in Sound

Tuath is an Irish language progressive noise rock quintuplet that utilizes computers and other more traditional rock and jazz instruments.                                                        “heavenly white ambient noise that wears its wildness proud” Irish Times

The Gatefolds are a 4-piece rock (psychedelic, garage punk, ass-kicking, grudge-holding) band from Derry.

Friday 28th April, 7.30pm

(Non Seated Gig)

Tickets €12 or Weekend Pass €20 available from An Grianan Theatre Box Office 074 9120777