Thursday 28th March, 7.30pm


The conversations aim to create dialog and to provoke critical thinking around art and culture and the contested ‘value’ of culture in society. The title of the programme aims to give the artists presenting, a guide to frame the presentation of their work and talk about their art practice and how that connects with the world they live in. It provides an opportunity to talk about their unique approach to their practice, how it has changed and developed. How does the work interrogate the world you live in and what has been the driving force in making work?

The format for the evening of the talk will be two different artists giving a 20 minute presentation; one artist will be from outside the county and the other will be a local artist. Afterwards there will be a discussion with both artists and a Q&A with the audience chaired by Bernadette Hopkins. We will be asking artists from different disciplines to present showing diversity in art forms and practice.

Regional Cultural Centre Letterkenny
Admission Free / Everyone Welcome

28 March

Amanda Coogan

Amanda is an internationally recognised and critically acclaimed artist working across the medias of live art, performance, photography and video. She is one of the most dynamic and exciting contemporary visual artist’s practicing in the arena of performance.

Her 2015 exhibition in the Dublin’s Royal Hibernian Academy, I’ll sing you a song from around the Town, was described by Artforum as ‘performance art at its best’.

Her extraordinary work is challenging, provocative and always visually stimulating. In 2010 the Irish Times said, ‘Coogan, whose work usually entails ritual, endurance and cultural iconography, is the leading practitioner of performance in the country’. Her expertise lies in her ability to condense an idea to its very essence and communicate it through her body. Using gesture and context she makes allegorical and poetic works that challenge expected contexts.

Her works encompass a multitude of media; Objects, Text, Moving and Still Image but all circulate around her live performances. She is at the forefront of some of the most exciting and prolific durational performances to date.

Julie Griffiths and Maeve Collins

Julie Griffiths lives and works in Donegal. She is currently Artist in Residence at Oxford Island, Lough Neagh and Artist in the Community with Leitrim Arts Office. She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Social Practice and the Creative Environment from Limerick School of Art and Design in 2015, receiving the Art and Design Bursary Award.

Julie works both individually and collaboratively. Her work is informed by the rural environment while also drawing heavily on her design and textile backgrounds. At the core of her practice are questions around natural symbiosis, mutualism, and sustainability.

Her 2015 project, Till/Until, involved negotiating access to 3 acres of land, which was cooperatively planted with flax and woven by the community, while still growing. Her long-term collaboration, Fold and Rise, with artist Maeve Collins, is a travelling conversational workshop which has been hosted by McGill University, Montreal, and University College London amongst many others.

Maeve Collins, is a trans-disciplinary artist. Art facilitation, teaching, community, participatory and body-movement practices add other strands to her practice. Having a multi-disciplinary approach has expanded Collins work leading to a current interest in the place of creativity in the rural where community audience and participants emerge to research often in practice’s involving collaboration.