Chouk Bwa Libète (Haiti)

Thursday 14th July, 8.00pm

Chouk Bwa Libète is one of the foremost traditional Haitian Mizik Rasin (Voodoo roots music) band from Haiti. A highlight of the WOMEX World Music Expo in 2015, their authentic trance-inducing music has exploded onto the international stage in recent months. The source of their music is the essential elements of Haitian Vodou – rhythm and dance – torn from Africa, and secretly replanted in a new land. In order to stay closer to the original elements of Vodou culture and music, their repertoire is one of songs full of Vodou spirituality, whose form is distinct from ceremonial music. A blend of traditional songs and original compositions by Jean Claude Sambaton Dorvil, the line-up features master drummers from the Gonaives’ Vodou communities of Lakous Badjo, Souvenance and Soukri alongside two equally esteemed Vodou rhythm dancers. With performances forthcoming at WOMAD and Roskilde Festivals, Earagail Arts Festival is delighted to be one of the first to bring you one of the most sought after, truly authentic world music groups on the international stage.
“More than a crafted art form, the music of Chouk Bwa Libète arose in waves of percussion, vocals and movement that seemed authentically inspired right in the moment and communicated nothing but the sheer joy of sharing exactly that particular, unique musical moment.” Wall Street International

This event is part of The Donegal International Folk & Roots Weekend – a celebration of folk, roots and traditional music from around the world, with a focus on the emerging and established innovators in tradition from Ireland and the UK.