Blood Rising (Film Screening + Director’s Talk)

Saturday 21st March 8pm

Admission Free

Directed by Mark McLoughlin

The mothers of the femicide victims of Juarez, Mexico, have been abandoned by their government – they have engaged the artist Brian Maguire to bring their stories to the international community. Art has become the last weapon available to them to fight the drug cartels and serial killers. Only 2% of these murder cases have been investigated and many of the mothers have themselves received death threats for simply demanding justice.

In 2010, 438 innocent women were murdered in Juarez. The mothers and families of the femicide victims of Juarez have bravely chosen to openly express their emotions through the work of the artist Brian Maguire as a last resort to find justice – for Brian it is a means of exploring how he can provide a voice for the mothers and a deeper understanding of their personal grief through his artworks. Juarez is presently ranked as the second most dangerous city in the world.

Brian Maguire has spent 3 years working in Juarez.

Blood Rising is a celebration of beauty through art and a revelation of the power of the human spirit to rise out of the most extreme and destructive situations. Its role is to honor the spirit and energy of the dead and to contextualize and understand the destruction of these lives and the mark it has left on the community.


This screening will be accompanied by Q&A with director Mark McLoughlin and discussion hosted by members of ARC.—–

Art of Resistance Collective


Mission Statement

We, as a multidisciplinary group of artists, have formed this group to focus our collective energies on cultivating awareness and promoting discussion about the abuses of human rights. We particularly wish to highlight the plight of the Palestinian people.

We aim to use the power of collective, peaceful, creative resistance to break down barriers to communication and promote empathy, tolerance and freedom of expression.