Thursday 18th April, 7.30pm


The conversations aim to create dialog and to provoke critical thinking around art and culture and the contested ‘value’ of culture in society. The title of the programme aims to give the artists presenting, a guide to frame the presentation of their work and talk about their art practice and how that connects with the world they live in. It provides an opportunity to talk about their unique approach to their practice, how it has changed and developed. How does the work interrogate the world you live in and what has been the driving force in making work?

The format for the evening of the talk will be two different artists giving a 20 minute presentation; one artist will be from outside the county and the other will be a local artist. Afterwards there will be a discussion with both artists and a Q&A with the audience chaired by Bernadette Hopkins. We will be asking artists from different disciplines to present showing diversity in art forms and practice.

Regional Cultural Centre Letterkenny
Admission Free / Everyone Welcome



18 April

Eve Olney

Eve Olney is an academic and media practitioner who explores her subjects through experimental ethnographic technique. Her current field of interest involves cultivating alternative methodological approaches to understanding archives and archival knowledge.

Eve Olney obtained a BA (Hons) in Photography and Film at Napier University before working in the independent film sector. Returning to academia, she completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Third Level Learning and Teaching 2005 (Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)) and completed her PhD at the Centre of Transcultural Research and Media Practice (DIT; ). Her doctoral project located within documentary practice, visual ethnography and cultural studies presents a critical analysis of an ethnographic encounter with a private music collector, Rodney McElrea, and his collection and explores alternative approaches to conceptualising the idea of the archive and archival knowledge through multimedia art practice.

Aodán McCardle

Aodán McCardle is a painter, a poet, gardener, tattooist, designer, maker, father, he has delivered babies warm in the dark and wrapped the dead in white hospital cotton. He is a co-editor at Veer Books. His PhD is on Action as Articulation of the Contemporary Poem though physicality and doubt are the site of meaning and the stance respectively where the action operates. His way into collaboration was as part of London Under Construction LUC. His current practice is improvised performance/writing/drawing as a finding out.